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Ok this was gakked from red_sunflower in losticons who got it from iconifer.  See Iconifer for the original post!


Massive Icon Theft
Hey, if you're an Icon maker I can guarantee that your icons are being stolen from these Xangas. Tons of them are being hotlinked from photobucket accounts. There isn't much that can be done for the ones that aren't, but I think you should check them out. Also PLEASE POST THIS IN YOUR LJ. There are tons of icon makers whose work I recognize but do not read my LJ. Please try to let people know as there is a ridiculous amount of hotlinking going on. Also, Do NOT open these all at once, major overload. (WARNING, Midi loop and Java Pop Ups) (claims to want to give credit, but hotlinks) (WARNING MP3 music loop)

Edit: I'll be adding more when I find them, so feel free to link to this entry as it will be updating.


You can see Red_Sunflower's post at:
And Iconifer's at:

There's information on how to contact the abuse teams and report these people who are so obviously stealing icons, bandwidth, and commiting copyright infringement.

If anyone sees any of my icons (as I have dial up and cannot spend hours upon hours checking each of those groups) can you please inform me?  I will GREATLY appreciate it!  :)

I do not in any way support people like this.  If you find something of yours taken - please move it somewhere else.  And as people who replied to the above posts said, replace it with something .. erm ... interesting.  A big fat icon theft banner, something with porn, or just something that will humiliate them.  Let's see if we can take these buggers down, eh?  :)
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