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Lord of the Rings [Character] Aragorn Layout

A new layout, featuring "Aragorn" from Lord of the Rings - made for 1024x768 + the GENERATOR style.

You can download the layout here.  (This is a *.ZIP file and you will need a program such as Winzip to extract the files.)

A large screencap [1024x768] -
A small screencap [800x600] -

The *.zip file contains -->

[1] The background
[2] The comment image
[3] The READ ME.txt file that contains the LJ overrides AND how to edit them.

Please, read the *.txt file that comes in the ZIP.  If you don't I am not responsible for anything that happens to your LJ.

If you use this, please comment + credit me as SheDevilGraphix OR TrinTheSheDevil in your UserInfo!
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