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SheDevil Graphics

Art and Obsession

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SheDevil Graphics
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This group was created solely for the purpose of posting my [TrinityTheSheDevil] icons, wallpapers, moodthemes, etc etc. It is, however, open to all people who would like to join and post their own work. All work will be archived under the maker's LJ Username.

Before joining, please read through these guidelines :

1) No theft of any kind. If you don't have permission to use/post someone else's work, then I better not see it up here.

2) If you're posting anything other than icons, please put it behind a LJ Cut. Also - only 3 icons will be allowed in the main post. The rest will have to be under a cut, to save time for users on dial-up. Also, please make any posts FRIENDS ONLY.

3) If any graphic/media you post contains adult themes, please put a proper warning and place it behind a cut. This group is open to members of all ages so be kind and do not scare the younger ones away. *g*

4) No hotlinking someone else's work!! Precious bandwidth comes small enough, no need to make it smaller by stealing someone else's. Respect other people and do not steal their bandwidth. If you need space to put your own photos, Photobucket or Image Shack are two very good options.

5) [Last one, I mean it!] Please stay on topic! This group is for GRAPHICS and MEDIA. Which means if you made it (be it wallpapers, LiveJournal layouts, moodthemes, icons, videos, etc) and it is considered on topic. If not, don't post it here.

For more information, please read the FAQ! The FAQ


Well, you may ask, what is there to this group besides plain old icons and such? Here you can:

-Request custom LiveJournal / GreatestJournal layouts
-Request moodthemes [Images must be provided for these]
-Request custom icons
-Request wallpapers/desktops
-Enter contests [These will start when more people join]
-Post any of the above to be archived here
-Find any of the above that are already made/available by Trin or other members

That's about it. Feel free to join and look around, make requests, or just lurk in one of the many dark corners. :)


Feel free to link to this LJ Community if you so wish to! :)

Just copy the text in the above box and paste it into your LJ profile. :)


Halo Son